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Socorro Island - SolmarV, February 2020

The best big animal diving on earth!

underside of giant manta ray 

We have reserved all 12 cabins on what many call the best dive boat that visits Socorro. There are 2 single cabins, 4 standard staterooms and 6 deluxe staterooms.

We will fly to Cabo San Lucas the day before the excursion leaves. Because the date for the trip is in 2020, we do not have rates but will be posting those as soon as we get them. Expect the overnight stay in Cabo to cost approximately $250.

During the 9-day excursion, we will visit three islands near Socorro: Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida. Now, about the diving!



Socorro Island Diving

Diving trips to Socorro Islands started around 1994 but it was not until year 2000 that became popular among wild life enthusiast, divers, underwater photographers and expeditioners.

Socorro Island is about 30 miles south of San Benedicto. The island is about 10 miles by 9 miles in size and is home to the Mexican Naval Station since 1957.

Solmar V usually visits dive sites here which include the Aquarium, Punta Tosca and Cabo Pearce

The island was discovered by Spanish explorer, Hernando de Grijalva and his crew in 1533 and had been rediscovered in 1542 and again in 1608 when it was given its name “Socorro”, meaning “Help”.

San Benedicto Diving

San Benedicto Island is the third largest in the Revillagigedo group at about 2.6 miles long. It has two prominent peaks, one that is very obviously a volcanic crater. The walls of the volcano are eroded, leaving vertical ridges from top to bottom. The crater is almost 1/2 a mile wide. At the base of this volcano is a lava delta that reaches out into the ocean. The north half of the island is green with vegetation.

What makes this site so magical is the congregation of this friendly Giant Pacific Mantas. They often greet our divers even before we get into the water and swim with us all day. Divers may observe many mantas who come here to be cleaned by the endemic clarion angelfish. They seem to enjoy swimming closely over divers and stopping directly above to experience the bubble Jacuzzi on their bellies formed by exhaling bubbles from the divers. They often swim from one diver to the next posing for every photographer along the way.

One of our diver’s favorite sites here is “El Boiler”, a large pinnacle that reaches from the depths to within several feet of the surface. Its small enough to swim around several times in one dive and is large enough to be a favorite gathering point, attracting marine life from miles around.

The Boiler is known as the home of the world-famous Giant Pacific Manta, this diving spot is perfect for up-close and personal encounters with the. Giant mantas can grow to a wingspan of over twenty feet, yet they are gentle creatures. On a regular dive in San Benedicto we can also have humpback whales, whale sharks, and schooling hammerheads encounters.

Roca Partida Diving

Guests commonly encounter schools of hammerheads, white tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, giant manta rays, dolphins, an occasional whale shark and even humpback whales visiting from Alaska.

Roca Partida is a small pinnacle located west of Socorro and San Benedicto, about 250 miles south of Cabo San Lucas. It is only 115 feet high and 300 feet from end to end. It’s the smallest island in the Revillagigedo Archipelago.

This stony pillar attracts pelagics and large schools of jacks and tuna. Beneath the surface the wall drops straight down to deep water. There are many shelves and ridges that give refuge to the animals that hide there.

At about 40 there are large caves where groups of whitetip sharks can be found sleeping most of the time. Depending on the current, is possible to swim around the pinnacle several times in the course of one dive. Other times divers prefer to just hang out in one area and watch the pelagics swim by.

This trip includes: 

    • 1 night in Cabo San Lucas (cost to be added to total trip cost shown)
    • February 22 - March 2, 2020 (9-days with Solmar)
    • Meals and Beverages 
    • Tanks and weights (Nitrox included)
    • Cabo San Lucas transfers


Not included in this trip: 

    • Airfare
    • Crew or ground gratuities (typically 10-20%)
    • Currently not included in total is cost for overnight stay in Cabo. Costs will be added as soon as they are known.



Trip cost per person:

Single cabin $3,900

Standard Stateroom $3,900 - double occupancy

Deluxe Stateroom $4,000 - double occupancy


Trip Costs: 

    • $500 deposit per-person required 
    • Air travel is not included
    • 25% fees (minus deposit) are due by May 10, 2019
    • 50% fees are due by August 10, 2019
    • 100% fees are due by December 5, 2019
    • Check or debit card payment is appreciated



Forms and Releases: 



  • Travel insurance is not required but is strongly recommended. Click the icon below for a quote.

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