Please follow these steps to make sure your equipment makes the trip without issue:

1. Take all non-essential items off the equiment(i.e. knives, compasses, console computers that don't require a battery change, SMB, reels, etc.). This will save on shipping costs, but will also make it easier for us to keep service streamlined.

2. Pick a good box that will make the trip in one piece that also fits the equipment snuggly. If a regulator doesn't fit with the hoses coiled loosely, the box is too small.

3. Pad the regulator with foam sheets, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc to ensure that even if it is poorly handled in the shipping process, the contents will still arrived undamaged. Please DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS. 

4. Print off a copy of the service ticket from your confirmation email and place it inside the box. This helps us match up service tickets to equipment without questioning handwritten notes.

5. Please ship all equipment to:

Columbia Scuba

ATTN: Service

 2701 Alpine Road

Columbia, South Carolina 29223